Islam in India

I have already written much on this issue but because the issue is serious that is why I keep on emphasizing and re-emphasizing . The chief ideology of Islam is to convert whole world in Islam , mainly via armed Jihad, though any other mean too is allowed which serves the purpose . In Hadith Prophet said that two Muslim person will get his status in paradise – one who will win Christianity and second is that who will will Hindustan i.e. one who will do Gazwa-e-Hind. Every Muslim in Mosques and Madarasa is indoctrinated since childhood for esteemed dream of Islam .

In the Islamic rule over India more than quarter of the population converted to Islam . Still the majority remained Non-Muslim because maximum Hindus did not surrender their culture and life values despite severe atrocities . However, if the population of undivided India is considered than conversion to Islam is 50% . Islam has been 50 % successful it’s mission . All the Mullas and clerics are now in effort to make it 100%.

The strategy for that has been clearly explained by Prophet . According to Islam world is in two part first is Darul Islam i.e. where Islam is ruler and majority for that place Mohammed says that there shall be no tolerance for other faiths , decimate other faiths by any means . Second part of the world is called Darul Harab i.e. where Islam is not ruler and is minority . This Darul Harab for the strategic point of view is divided again in two types, first where the majority population is united and conscious to the values of their nation like Russia , Australia etc , the strategy for that place is that Muslims shall either leave that place or should live with low profile and wait when they can assert themselves . Second part of Darul Harab is the place where majority is confused and not united like India for this place Mohammed advise that demand special privileges like Sharia , Halaal meat shops etc and increase population as quickly as possible and when population is nearly 30-35 % then start genocides , riots and destabilize the rule of majority population. This is the strategy on which Muslim Umma is work in India . The strategy has worked well. The population of Hindus in Pakistan in 1947 was 15 % in 2016 that is now 1.6 %, the population of Hindus in Bangladesh in 1947 was 36 % in 2016 it is 7 %. .

What is the solution ? I could not find any solution . There is only one hope If Muslims of India can consider partners and in fact can take the heritage not from Arab but 5000 year old Indian culture than problem is finished . Indonesia is Muslim majority but they did not drop their ancient Hindu culture . This should be the model for Indian Muslim . But unfortunately Islam of India is in control fanatic and Arab funded Mulla and Maulavi , there is vested interest of Mulla to Arabanise the Indian Muslim . If Indian Muslim does not try to assimilate itself with the 5000 year old culture of India and keep on considering the Invader like Kasim, Ghazani , Gauri etc their Hero , then I foresee a civil war in India . Majority population should not be confused on this .

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